FASHION WEEK MINNESOTA (FWMN).  FULBE COUTURE BY FULBEKLOSET FALL FASHION SHOW commenced on September 24 2018. A night never to be forgotten as fashion enthusiasts in MN were re-introduced into a  “breathtaking” world of Ankara fashion .

The fashion show took place at the James Ballentine Uptown VFW. It was an evening that showcased the latest Fulbekloset fall pieces. I arrived at a calm atmosphere inside the fashion show and stumbled upon a mixed audience – FWMN organizer(s), City page, Voice Magazine, Minneapolis bloggers like myself, other local media personnel, friends and family. Surprisingly the audiences were vibing to Nigeria songs aka Afrobeat. The amazing musical performance by Carolyne Naomi set the tone for a night with an unexpected end.

Click below to listen to  Carolyne Naomi

Aisha Umar, Ceo of Fubelkloset, produced a Ready-to-Wear collection for her fall line. People were probably wondering how it was possible to wear African clothes during our cold MN weather. Umar explained that it was important for her to create pieces that were luxuriously made but simultaneously embrace her African heritage and create styles that were cold friendly for her fall collection 18.
Aisha Umar
The runway showcased pieces like  long skirt for full length coverage perfect for MN cold weather. Other pieces that captured my interest where the  embroidered evening dresses, off-shoulder tops and Ankara Menswear.

The unexpected end that got everyone shocked! Typically at the end of a fashion runway , all the models do a final walk in a straight line.  But Aisha U. creatively surprised us by unveiling the curtain with each model striking a dramatic pose on stage.  The audience reaction was wild in a good way and everyone had their camera  out to capture an image(s) for social media. This was definitely the highlight of the show.

Some people called it an “iconic moment” in the history of FWMN. It was actually refreshing that a runway tradition was broken . I was happy to have experienced a moment that have never been done in MN fashion show.
My Best Piece for the collection and it in my favorite color- Green

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