Our Mission

Our mission is to give our customers the buying power, while creating a unique platform for African luxury items.

Our Vision

We strive to indulge the artistic fashionable comfort clothes in your day to day life or any special occasion. We believe that fashion is all about comfort therefore, we are honored to dress up our customers.  Meyati means: “Thank you in Fulbe”

Our Approach

Every client is a valuable member of our profile and service. We provide attention to the needs and customized request of our clients.

Our Stories

Fulbekloset is derived from the term “Fulbe,” also known as Fulani, Fula, Mbororo. The fulani people are found in many parts of Africa:  Nigeria, Cameroon, Central Africa, and Chad.

The inspiration behind Fulbekloset  is to create a fashion brand, that will fit potential clients’ needs while providing affordable luxury clothing. Our fabrics, are handpicked and outsourced from Africa.


Our Philosophy

Fulbekloset is based on the ideology of persevering true African tradition, while incorporating a modern essence.

Fulbekloset welcomes you to its luxury Hub Store, with some of the finest clothing for men and women…